Custom Ribbon

We are excited to offer a variety of custom ribbon solutions that include printing, cutting, dying, and custom bows! We would love to give you a quote!

Please send an email to Kayla at with the following information to get started:

Custom Ribbon

Custom Printing

1) Type of ribbon to be printed: i.e., grosgrain, single face or double face satin

2) Width of ribbon

3) Type of print (see below)

4) Amount of ribbon to be printed

Custom Cutting - minimum of 750 cut pieces - only can cut satin or grosgrain

1)  Type of ribbon to be cut:  i.e., grosgrain or satin

2)  Color of ribbon to be cut:

3)  Width of ribbon

4)  # of cut pieces needed

5)  Length of cut piece - up to 62"


Custom Bows with or without a Loop

1) Size of Head of Bow from Left to Right

2) Length of Tails

3) Loop Size (if needed)

4) Type of Ribbon

5) Color of Ribbon

           - Choose The Custom Ribbon Printing Option That Fits Your Needs -