A monofilament edged Double Face Satin stripe ribbon incorporating a glistening sheer stripe to capture the light while bringing dimension to this stunning ribbon.

The corsage width incorporates a Single Face Satin stripe with the glistening sheer. The monofilament edge is the perfect choice for effortless corsage loops and bows.

Available Colors

01 White
02 Antique White
03 First Kiss
04 Pale Peach
05 Chateau Rose
06 Pink Blush
07 Frosted Berry
08 Red
09 Vapor
10 Dusty Blue
11 Navy
12 Eggplant
13 Dark Shale
14 Green Envy
15 Empress Teal
16 Oyster
17 Portobello
18 Black Cherry
19 Whisper
20 Pewter
21 Black